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For all your cleaning needs, Clean My Space CT is right for the job. With our Cleaning Checklist, you can be assured that your home will be cleaned from top to bottom. Above all, we recognize that each client is different. Our individual customizations are tracked : in separate files in order to always meet , your preferences. Alert us to any special requests ahead of your appointment and we will be happy to provide them. On average, the hourly rate for cleaning services is between $25 and $90, depending on the condition and size of the home being cleaned. Single-family homes will cost between $120 and $150, window treatments $100 to $200, walls and ceilings $150 to $300, and furniture and upholstery will cost between $100 and $150. To make sure that you get a good deal, check out several different services and compare quotes. Some services might even provide package deals, seasonal rates, and other such discounts. To establish a baseline, here are some average prices for commonly offered cleaning services:business carpet cleaningHigh rise buildings, Class A-C offices, and buildings with multiple locations can all be professionally serviced by our team. We work with tenants, office managers, and building managers to provide the highest level of cleanliness , for office buildings in Portland and the surrounding areas. Clients like Fox Tower, 1000 Broadway Building, 200 , Market, and more hire us because of our outstanding commitment to quality and professionalism. Our Complete BusinessStart-Up Package includes: On the other hand, if you plan on building a larger commercial carpet cleaning business, an office may be a worthwhile investment. Especially if you need to manage and coordinate with multiple cleaning crews. The decision to rent office space for your cleaning company will largely depend on your cost benefit analysis.commercial floor careJAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern Colorado’s commercial floor care services program will give your floors an unbeatable shine. Call us today to learn more about our hard floor cleaning services and how we can create a customized cleaning program for your business. , You get all the benefits of Protection+ BLUE, AND... This will ensure your floor will still look like new for years to come. Contact us to find out what MilliCare solution is right for your business. Unlike with mop and bucket cleaning, an automatic floor scrubber offers a consistent clean which means you can expect the same level of cleanliness every time you clean your floors. An autoscrubber also greatly reduces the dry time of your floors, so areas of your floors are not closed to foot traffic for extended periods of time.

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